Why sponsor us?

Overall, the competitions can cost a lot for our team to attend every year. Sponsoring the team helps us change the lives of our students. Your money will go toward operating costs, competition entry fees, travel costs, and much more. Here are our current sponsors.

Interested in sponsoring us?

Help us inspire the new generation and build a solid STEM foundation for the future. We're always looking for new sponsors!

Steel Sponsor - $100-$499

Your company's name and link will be listed on the Business Partners page of our website.

Aluminum Sponsor - $500-$999

Your company name/logo will be listed on a sponsor banner displayed by our team at every competition. Includes all benefits of Steel.

Silver Sponsor - $1,000-$2,499

Your company name/logo will be put on our robot for all competitions. Includes all benefits of Steel and Aluminum.

Gold Sponsor - $2,500-$4,999+

Your name/business will be announced at the competition as a sponsor and will seen by competition audiences numbering in the thousands. Includes all benefits of Steel, Aluminum, and Silver.

You can view a brochure here for more information.

Have any other ways to help?

Contact us for info on how to help support our team.